Visceral Mobilization

Visceral Mobilization ( VM) is a gentle manual therapy technqiue that assesses and treats the relationship between the body's organs and other structures of the body, like fascia , muscles and ligamants.

Our organs are in constant motion. They should have a certain amount of movement that is considered normal, just like joints, in order to have optimal function. 

Our organs' mobility can be effected and restricted by surgical scars, trauma , adhesions, infection, illness, and poor posture. These restrictions can effect the "sliding and gliding " motion of the organs over other structures of the body, creating an area of fixation. 

Because of this "fixation" we begin to compensate and this can lead to chronic inflammation causing musculoskeletal, neural,  and organ dysfunction. 

Visceral mobilization seeks to restore normal organ movement and optimal function, which carries over into improved overall movement and function of the body as a whole.  Viseral mobilization is very specific to each organ and is a wonderful adjunct to other forms of therapy we use . 

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