Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic exercise is an integral piece of your healing and we feel that it is very important to educate you on the appropriate exercises you will need to do at home. With manual therapy, we can improve the soft tissue pliability and joint mobility, thus improving pain and range of motion, but it’s therapeutic exercise and neuromuscular exercise that help to improve the motor planning and coordination of movement that will help to resolve dysfunctional compensation patterns that you’ve developed. Ultimately, proper movement is the vital for most of the ailments we see.

With that said, most therapeutic exercises and components of your “home exercise program” can be performed outside of the clinical setting using body weight and very simple, cheap forms of resistance. 

For this reason, we teach our patients the exercises they need to do, and it is then their responsibility to complete their home program on their own time. When our patients are at the clinic, they are not spending time on things that they can reproduce or perform themselves. We will happily address these exercises if you choose during our session, if you have questions or concerns about them. 

We do use a Pilates reformer at times to help to re-educate proper movement patterns. We have found this to be extremely helpful and a wonderful adjunct to the manual techniques. Engaging proper core movement and motor planning / movement techniques helps to break bad habits of movement. We find that coupling the manual therapy with movement principles helps to re-train the brain on proper movements, thus reducing pain. 

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