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What to Expect

What to Expect 

All our patients are viewed and evaluated in a holistic way. We look at each using a whole-body approach. Everything is connected from head to toe without interruptions via a fascial system (connective tissue) and which is why we consider the whole body when evaluating and treating. This helps us to truly look for the cause of problem, not just treating the symptoms. 

We often say " find the pain, look elsewhere for the cause" 

For example, back pain may be occurring due to postural imbalances, previous injuries, immobility of the ankle, knee or hip or habitual holding patterns. It is our job to discover where the problem lies, so that you are able to have long lasting results. 

As all the contributing factors are discovered, we will apply manual therapy techniques, including mobilizations, sustained pressure myofascial release, muscle energy techniques etc. to resolve the dysfunctions found. We are specialists in myofascial release, as developed by John Barnes, PT, and this is a major area of focus for us at Premier Wellness and Myofascial Release. 

We are also trained in techniques involving craniosacral work, as well as dry needling techniques and visceral (organ) mobilizations  

We will take the necessary time to collect all relevant information, but we feel that you should receive as much treatment as possible on the first visit. For this reason, you will receive treatment on your first session so that we are able to help you begin your healing process.

Functional movement and exercise are vital in all our patients’ plans of care, and therefore you will be educated on appropriate movement principles, stretches/ self-release techniques as well as stabilization exercises to do at home.  

At Premier Wellness and Myofascial Release, we value your time. We will spend your session focusing on what you are not able to do at home yourself. 

Our goal with every patient is to effectively identify the causes of your symptoms, and then apply effective manual therapy techniques to resolve your pain and return you to active lifestyle without relying on pain medication. 

We take the time we need with patients, focusing one on one, and directing individualized care for what you need. Not based on Protocol or "cook book" physical therapy. We are able to get you back to doing what you love to do, with less visits. 

If this approach and philosophy of care sound like something you are looking for, please feel free to give us a call and speak to a physical therapist directly about your concerns and limitations. 


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