On November 13,2017 I will be a 4-year breast cancer survivor. Fortunately, during my first chemo therapy treatment I met a woman who advised me to ask my oncologist for a prescription for physical therapy. I went to two different physical therapists and I did not feel that they were fully vested in my recovery or that they specialized in cancer. I did not receive the individualized attention, or the relief of pain that I desperately needed. 

While attending a support group at a Cancer Support Community in Blue Ash, I met a woman that had similar issues with pain after a double mastectomy. As we discussed our individual journeys through breast cancer, she informed me of a physical therapist named Lauren Cadman. She informed me that Lauren specialized in myofascial release. I didn’t know what myofascial release was, but I wanted to give it a try. I was hesitant to try another therapist, but I was still in so much pain and discomfort and I desperately wanted to get off of the pain educations. Eventually, I mustered up the courage to try physical therapy again. 

I contacted Lauren and immediately began a myofascial release and physical therapy program. After a few sessions with Lauren I was able to stop taking my pain medications. This treatment has greatly enhanced my life. I would not be able to function at work and in my daily life, as I am currently able to without Lauren's help. Her knowledge related to physical therapy, women’s health and myofascial release has been incredibly helpful to me. Lauren provides individualized physical and myofascial therapies as well as teaches specific exercises that can be completed easily at home to help keep muscles and tissue from becoming too tight. I am so grateful to have met Lauren and for her dedication to improving the outcome for women with breast cancer.

Cheri, Mason Ohio 

My daughter began seeing Lauren in August 2017. My daughter has Rett Syndrome and is non-ambulatory. She had bilateral hip surgery in May of 2015 and has carefully guarded her left hip ever since. Her PT suggested we give myofascial release a try, which Lauren specializes in. My daughter also has a lot of tightness in her neck as a part of her condition, so we decided to work on that, too. After 10 sessions, my daughter sits straighter in her chair that she ever has before and has more movement in her left hip than she has had in a very long time. This therapy worked wonders for her!

Paula, Anderson Ohio 

Several years ago I suffered a very serious injury that left me with a neurological condition that causes widespread, chronic and debilitating pain. I had begun to lose hope that things would ever improve when I was fortunate enough to be referred to Lauren for myofascial release therapy. Since adding Lauren and her amazing skill set to my treatment protocols, I have seen improvement in strength, mobility and flexibility. More importantly, I have experienced pain relief. It is such a comfort to know that when the pain gets unbearable I have Lauren to turn to for help. As a result, the pain and its emotional toll no longer control my life. In fact, by adding Lauren (& MFR) to my treatment team, I am able to do things now that I never thought possible - and I have hope for even better days ahead. Lauren, her talents, skills and enthusiastic & indomitable spirit have truly been a Godsend to me.

MLR, Cincinnati Ohio

I saw Lauren for pain I had been having since after my second daughter was born. I had seen two doctors and a traditional Physical Therapist and was told it was just something i would have to deal with. After one visit with her I was able to move my leg without the pain I had been dealing with for two years. I continued to work with her and continued to improve. Her approach is different than you will find anywhere else and considers the all the soft tissue of the body itself and how restrictions, scar tissue, old injuries might be contributing to your issues. Her knowledge of the body and movement combined with her hands-on treatment skills are a rare find. If you see her, you will move better and feel better. Highly reccomend her as an outstanding therapist.

Julie, Cincinnati Ohio

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